Marlborough Terroir

With average longer sunshine hours than any other part of New Zealand, and silty alluvial loam soils, Marlborough’s diurnal climate is ideally suited to viticulture.

Sunshine hours average 2,500 per annum, and even on the hottest days temperatures will drop quite drastically during the night. This large diurnal range produces good sugar during the day and very variety-typical flavours with good acid content during the night.

The soil in the vineyards are of stony silt with loam topsoil and free draining. The plants have minimal irrigation throughout summer and are trained on a vertical shoot positioning trellis. In early spring the Waihopai Valley is exposed to frost, therefore frost protection through overhead sprinklers as well as wind machines have been installed.

Reduced spray programmes (our vineyards are certified for sustainable winegrowing SWNZ) and focus on traditional techniques, such as shoot thinning, leaf and fruit plucking are evidence of the company’s commitment to Vineyard Controlled Quality.

Wairau Valley Vineyard 20km from the coast, 67 meters above sea level. A warmer site producing full bodied wine with good tropical fruit characters

Waihopai Valley Vineyard 30km from the coast, 124 meters above sea level.

A cooler site producing dominant flavours and acid content